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Charlie Bistro é um restaurante com base na alimentação saudável e vegetariana. Foi criado um plano de Visual Merchandising inspirado no conceito deste projecto, que consiste em trazer a natureza para a cidade, utilizando como elemento principal a cor verde, representada com os famosos azulejos portugueses de cor "porto". Estar dentro do Charlie e observar a cidade movimentada lá fora através da suas grandes janelas, é como estar num pequeno oásis rodeado de plantas.

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We know that Nordic countries are famous for great design - which is beautiful, functional and thought out in detail. Natalie came from Sweden to simplify our lives. Baskets with well-thought-out, tested recipes, with fresh ingredients ready to cook and in the right quantities to avoid food waste.

photographer lisbon
Photographer Lisbon

These are recipes that make you hungry just by looking at them, but they are more than that. Not having to think “what are we going to do for dinner tonight?", is there anything more practical than this? Mochinga came to help communicate and make known this concept, which after all has more than recipes to tell.

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Fotografos Lisboa
Fotografos lisboa
Fotografos lisboa
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Designer gráfico


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